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Ads & Your Privacy

Big tech will continue to lead the charge on mass collection of user information that is enriched overtime as a user visits more websites.

Shawn Smith

Home ~= Work

In a new McKinsey survey it shows that American workers would like to have flexible working arrangements from their employers.

Shawn Smith

How to say No to Meetings

The frequent-meetings culture is costing a great deal of employees' time and creativity, as well as companies' resources. But meetings are not as necessary as we deem them and could effectively be avoided if the right steps are taken.

Shawn Smith

Hello Date Format

When is the date format spoken and written correctly and when isn't it? It would seem the USA has it wrong (again!).

Shawn Smith

We Need High-Quality Connections Even More

High-quality connections energise the work environment and increase productivity. Not having these regular high-quality connections in the workplace has people struggling because of the lack of these real moments thanks to the new hybrid environment.

Shawn Smith

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