How Well Are You Protected Online?

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Nov 29, 2022   —   1 min read

Let me start by saying this isn't meant to scare you, although it might. It's really just a quick reminder and to push you to think about your time online and some measures that you can take into your own hands.

Many people ask me what I do to safeguard myself online, so here is my personal security toolkit to try and remain safe on the internet in 2022:

  1. Password manager (I use 1Password)
  2. Two-factor authentication using a physical token (I use YubiKey)
  3. Automatic OS updates enabled (phone & computer - I'm an Apple guy)
  4. URL based blocking at the DNS level at home (I use PiHole)
  5. Anti-virus
  6. Disk encryption
  7. Brave or ARC web browser (don’t use Chrome)
  8. Duck Duck Go for search
  9. Signal for messaging (I do use iMessage as well - the blue bubble - and not the green bubble)
  10. Apply some commonsense to clicking or downloading things from emails

If you are looking to see what others have suggested, then jump over to the original conversation on LinkedIn.

What's your list?

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