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Building purpose for the greater good of others

Extending upon the great work that was done before me at Trizone, now it is time to set up the platform up for the next 5-10 years.

Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith
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Building purpose for the greater good of others

Since I took on Trizone some 5 years ago, there's been one thing that I felt has been missing - a community. A place where people that love triathlon come to discuss all things triathlon. A place that is safe and builds upon their desire to be a better person - be it a little more focused on their physical and mental fortitude than counting Pi to 20 decimal places (3.14159265358979323846).

The building part excites me but also is a tough reminder that shit can and will go wrong. Take this as one of those. The first stumble wasn't even a stumble but a false start. Allow me to set the scene first. I'd roped in a few likeminded readers who were gracious enough to want to become a small coheort of geniue pegs in order for me to really tease out of the community idea.

Now that I have a small coheirt, what's next?

As I do, I started researching on how poeple have built successful communities before. Just a quick note here; it's not just a piece of forum software.

I gravitated to a book called Get Together. It's brilliant.

Get Together Book | How to Build a Community With Your People
Get Together is a guidebook to building a community by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto of People & Company. Book published by Stripe Press. Available on Amazon.

I read every word many times in order to not miss anything so that I coould capture the essence of what the book is trying to tell me and to assit me in crafting a strategy.

Here is my notes and step-by-step process.

If you are keen to learn more or have any questions, feel free to ask me anything.

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