What rings true with me

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Jan 9, 2011   —   1 min read

Here is an interview with Jack Dorsey, the creator, co-founder and chairman of Twitter and the CEO of Square, by Kevin Rose.

I was glued to this from start to end. I can’t say that it was visually appealing, and maybe a mp3 version of this would have been fine, however it did cement a few things in my mind for me.

Ideas are only ideas. This little project that I’m working on is an idea. It’s an idea I came up with nearly 12 months ago. I floated it past several people but then was shocked that they didn’t get as excited as I was. Somewhat deflated after that – but the breakfast made up for it. By the way, I love doing meetings at breakfast time. Damn I digress. Needless-to-say I kept at it.

Editing the team.

I’m not sure if I actually like that phrase. But I think you get what Jack meant. I like using the phrase,

Getting the right people on the bus.

He does make a good point though. Its clear that you must keep refining and making the changes to get the outcomes that are required. Sometimes, I’m sure, could be a little hard to make however they are needed.

We’re working on our prototype at the moment. This is really checking (validating) what I was thinking. The good part is – it does work.

You can make a thousand excuses and it will never happen.

This is probably the biggest (and hardest) part for the team. We all have jobs that are paying the bills. Motivation for me isn’t hard to find. I’m always excited about this although having the financial constraints is sometimes a huge balancing act. The team know that it’s going to be hard though it can and will be very rewarding.

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