What is Microsoft trying to become?

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Jun 24, 2012   —   1 min read

If you read Surface Tablet finally makes Microsoft worth mentioning, but who knows if it will be a consumer hit, you will no doubt recall my poking fun at their complete and total lack of originality and mediocre presentation skills. It seemed as though this new face to Microsoft was an obligatory, almost forced attempt to show the world that “yes, we are focusing on hardware design, and yes, we are at least willing to look like we go to the same ends that Apple does to create a product with the best possible user experience.”

They even pointed out the clicking noise the Surface makes when you open its kickstand. So original…

As a recent Cult of Mac podcast pointed out, Microsoft got its best-looking employees together to try to reproduce the look and feel of the iconic Apple keynote. At the end of the presentation, I was left drooling over a product that's as impressive in the productivity space as the iPad is in the entertainment space.

There’s just one problem. For now, the Microsoft Surface is mystery meat. We do not know what its battery life will be. We do not know what the price will be. We do not even know if the software will be bug free gauging from the many onstage fumbles, I doubt we are going to see the same pristine user experience we are used to from Apple.

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