Sydney Morning Herald Article On Blinq And Xero

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Oct 28, 2011   —   1 min read

I've been an avid supporter of Xero for a long time. A few months ago, we wrote a piece on Xero's online accounting system and why it works so well for us at Blinq photography. I think online accounting is still a touchy issue for a lot of people. They're mostly concerned about security and what might happen in the off chance you lose Internet service. People are talking because the potential benefit is huge as long as they're willing to put their trust in the system.

It wasn't too long before the Sydney Morning Herald got ahold of it and interviewed Nicole and I. We mostly dispelled peoples' worries about using a system like Xero, discussing why it works for us and why we're never going back to the old way. The article appeared on May 6th of 2011.

We just want to thank the Sydney Morning Herald for getting the word out about Cloud Accounting (I guess you could call it that). We've had a lot of success with Xero, and we see no reason to think it's any less secure than handing off a bunch of files to your accountant. For the record, Xero has never had a single breach of its security in the five years it has been live.

UPDATE: The Age Small business has also mentioned that Melbourne photography Blinq chats to them about what it means to use 'in the cloud applications.

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