My Year in Motion: A Strava Recap of 2023

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Jan 3, 2024   —   3 min read

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the kilometres peddled, the paths trodden, and the summits conquered. Here’s a snapshot of my 2023, as chronicled by my faithful companion, Strava.

The Lead-Out: Riding to the Top

Cycling has been my heartbeat this year, with 94% of my activities being rides that took me through scenic routes, challenging climbs, and exhilarating descents.

The Long Haul: Hours of Commitment

In total, I've clocked 322 hours and 47 minutes in physical endeavors. That's equivalent to almost two weeks of continuous movement!

The Distance: Every Kilometre Counts

The year saw me covering 9,712 kilometres. These kilometres tell stories of early mornings, late evenings, and the unwavering determination to go just a little further every time.

The Ascent: Elevating My Limits

Elevation gains are where the tales of grit are etched. This year, I ascended a total of 52,566 meters. That’s metaphorically climbing Mount Everest nearly six times over!

Consistency: Marking the Calendar

Out of 365 days, I was active on 192. Each dot on my Strava calendar is a testament to the dedication that beats any form of resistance.

The Epic: A Ride to Remember

The highlight was the 203 km ride, a journey that was 268.93% longer than my average ride.

Month by Month: The Ups and Downs

The data speaks of my most active months – January’s warm, October’s autumnal hues, and December’s festive spirit were particularly notable for time spent on activities. Distance-wise, January set a strong pace, August kept the momentum, and December saw a year-end surge all thanks to the Rapha 500.

As I draft this blog post, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Yet, it’s not just about the distances or the numbers; it’s about the journey. It’s about the sunrise rides, the coffee breaks, the shared laughs and the silent moments of reflection after a solo ride.

As I pedal into 2024, I carry with me the lessons of the past year – the perseverance, the resilience, and the joy of movement. Here's to another year of surpassing our own expectations, one ride at a time.

Thank you for being part of my journey. Let’s roll into the new year with renewed energy and insatiable curiosity for what lies on the road ahead.

Ride on!

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