Mark Cavendish: An Inspirational Story of Drive and Resilience

By Shawn Smith,

Published on Aug 11, 2023   —   1 min read


The Netflix documentary "Mark Cavendish: Never Enough" chronicles the British cyclist's unrelenting hunger to achieve his dream despite personal and professional obstacles.

Here's a little review about a movie I watch on Netflix a few nights ago. Worth watching, yes.

Title: Mark Cavendish: Never Enough, is a powerful story of resilience and triumph. This Netflix documentary intimately chronicles British cyclist Mark Cavendish's journey through personal and professional challenges on his road to becoming one of the most accomplished sprinters in cycling history.

Importantly, this isn't just a movie about cycling. It's a human tale of passion and purpose that will resonate with anyone.

Through candid interviews, the film gives us an inside look at Cavendish's unrelenting drive to win. We see his incredible highs, like dominating the 2011 Tour de France with five stage wins, as well as his painful lows, like missing the top podium spot in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Cavendish is open about his struggles with mental health, depression and eating disorders. Yet he persists in chasing his dream. This raw honesty and perseverance in the face of adversity makes his story universally relatable. As a fan, the film gave me a little tear seeing the hardships he has overcome.

Ultimately, the movie exemplifies the indomitable human spirit. Cavendish may have achieved his dream of being called the fastest man on two wheels, but his hunger to keep excelling shows that dreams require relentless drive. His inspirational story is for anyone who has ever fought hard for a goal.

Kudos to the whole team that worked on this. Amazing!

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